Feinstein Substitute Amendment (single-victim substitute)

Senate Roll Call No. 61
108th Congress, 2nd Session

Rejected: 49-50 (see complete tally)
NRLC strongly supported the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (H.R. 1997), sponsored by Rep. Melissa Hart (R-Pa.) and Senator Mike DeWine (R-Ohio). This is a bill to recognize a "child in utero" as a second victim when he or she is injured or killed during the commission of a federal or military crime of violence. This roll call was on a hostile substitute proposal (a substitute amendment) offered by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.), which would have written into federal law that there is only one victim in such crimes -- the mother. NRLC strongly opposed the "single-victim substitute," which failed, 49-50. This killer amendment was supported by four Republicans, 44 Democrats, and one independent. It was opposed by 47 Republicans and three Democrats. Roll Call No. 61, March 25, 2004.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 61
Votes For : 49
Votes Against : 50
Not Voting : 1

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