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Human cloning ban: passage
Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act
House Roll Call No. 39
108th Congress, 1st Session

Passed: 241-155 (see complete tally)
Following the rejection of the Greenwood Substitute Amendment to allow the cloning of human embryos, the House voted to pass the Weldon-Stupak Human Cloning Prohibition Act (H.R. 534). This bill would prohibit all human cloning. It is strongly supported by President Bush and by the National Right to Life Committee. The House passed the bill 241-155, Roll Call No. 39, February 27, 2003. The bill was supported by 198 Republicans, 42 Democrats, and one independent. It was opposed by 16 Republicans and 139 Democrats. Thirty-eight (38) House members were absent and not voting.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 39
Votes For : 241
Votes Against : 155
Not Voting : 38


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