McCain-Feingold "campaign finance reform" -- Cloture Vote
Cloture Vote
Senate Roll Call No. 270
105th Congress, 1st Session

Rejected: 52-47 (see complete tally)
This was a vote involving a "campaign finance reform" bill (S. 25), sponsored by Senators John McCain (R-Az.) and Russell Feingold (D-Wi.). NRLC strongly opposed the bill because it contained provisions to severely restrict the right of citizen groups, such as NRLC and NRLC affiliates, to communicate with the public regarding the voting records and positions of those who hold or seek federal office, or regarding upcoming votes in Congress. On Oct. 9, 1997, the Senate conducted a vote on whether to "invoke cloture" on the bill. NRLC opposed this cloture motion, which if successful would have led to approval of the bill by the Senate. 52 senators voted in favor of cloture (while 47 opposed cloture) -- eight votes short of the 60 votes required to invoke cloture under Senate rules (Vote No. 270). Thus, the bill did not pass on this occasion.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 270
Votes For : 52
Votes Against : 47
Not Voting : 1

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