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Action Alert
I'm a constituent who lives in your district. I'm also a patient Please, slow down and get health reform legislation right. Please initiate true health reforms that fix what's wrong and keep what's good. Our health and the our nation's health is too important.  What's WRONG with American health care:
  • Too many Americans are uninsured
  • Too much of our health care dollar is spent elsewhere, not on health care
  • Congress is not paying fairly for Medicare and Medicaid
  • Too much insurance profit, hassle and abuse
  • Lawsuit abuse drives up health care costs
  What's GOOD with American health care:
  • Doctors work for me, the patient
  • Patients have a choice of doctors and hospitals
  • Highest quality in the world
  • Innovation and cures save and extend lives
  • It's not a government run system where you wait and wait

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