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Issues and Legislation
Current Action Alerts
AAO-HNS Members: Help Combat Another CMS Regulatory Overstep!
AAO-HNS Members: Tell Your U.S. Senators to Support Early Intervention Hearing Screenings
AAO-HNS Members: Act Now to Empower Patients in Their Healthcare Decisions!
AAO-HNS Members: Stop Audiologists from Becoming "Physicians"
IPAB Vote: AAO-HNS Members Urged to ACT NOW!
H.R. 1375/S. 142, Protect Children from Liquid Nicotine Poisonings
 State Legislative:
California - Contact Your State Legislators to Oppose AB 72!
California - Oppose Optometrist Scope of Practice Infringement
Oklahoma - Support Medicaid Rebalancing Act of 2020
Tennessee - Tennessee Chapter ACS Addresses Controlled Substance Legislation
New York - Huge Cuts to the Excess Medical Liability Insurance Program
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Capitol Hill Basics
Tips about communicating with Members and general information about Hill staffers, the legislative process and more.
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