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Members of Congress value input from their constituents. It is important to advocate for causes you support. Let Congress know that funding for research is important. Tell your story about why medical and health research is important to you. The resources available on our website can be used to underscore your point.

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Legislative Alerts and Updates

  • Please Fight for Medical Progress

    We’re asking you to take action. Your senators have the opportunity to fight for cures--- cures for cancer, Alzheimer’s, lupus, multiple sclerosis and many more. The list of diseases is long, the need is urgent and the clock is ticking.

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  • Ask the Senate to Speed Medical Progress!

    Now is the time to talk to your senators about the importance of passing "Innovations" legislation this year. Take this opportunity to urge your senators to harness the bipartisan momentum for cures by considering and passing Innovations legislation. 

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Without continued support for health research, many of the most promising young scientists, their ideas and a myriad of potentially life-changing scientific breakthroughs will vanish into oblivion.
Paul Marinec, PhD; University of California San Francisco