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Senate Schedule for JULY 26, 2017
Type I Diabetes Cure

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Special Aging Committee (Chairwoman Susan Collins, R-Maine) hearing on focusing on "Progress Toward a Cure for Type I Diabetes: Research and the Artificial Pancreas."
Pending Legislation

JULY 26, 2017 -- Public Lands, Forests and Mining Subcommittee (Chairman Mike Lee, R-Utah) of Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on S.32, the "California Desert Protection and Recreation Act"; S.90, the "Red River Gradient Boundary Survey Act"; S.357, the "Santa Ana River Wash Plan Land Exchange Act"; S.436, the "San Juan County Settlement Implementation Act"; S.467, the "Mohave County Federal Land Management Act"; S.468, the "Historic Routes Preservation Act"; S.614, the "Recreation and Public Purposes Act Commercial Recreation Concessions Pilot Program Act"; S.785, the "Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment Equity Act"; S.837, the "Southern Utah Open OHV Areas Act"; S.884, the "Small Miners Waiver Act"; S.941, the "Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act"; S.1149, to amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to repeal a provision limiting the export of timber harvested from land conveyed to the Kake Tribal Corporation; S.1230, the "Water Rights Protection Act"; S.1271, the "Fowler and Boskoff Peaks Designation Act"; and S.1548, the "Oregon Wildlands Act."
Pending Legislation

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wis.) markup of legislation to amend the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 to reauthorize the Judicial Conference of the United States to redact sensitive information contained in financial disclosure reports of judicial officers and employees; S.873, the "TSP (Thrift Savings Fund) Modernization Act of 2017"; S.288, the "Regulatory Predictability for Business Growth Act of 2017"; S.886, the "OHS Acquisition Review Board Act of 2017"; S.906, the "Reducing OHS Acquisition Cost Growth Act"; S.1199, the "Border Enforcement Security Task Force Reauthorization Act of 2017"; S.938, the "Procurement Fraud Prevention Act"; S.1208, the "Strengthening the Department of Homeland Security Secure Mail Initiative Act"; S.Con.Res.15, expressing support for the designation of October 28, 2017, as "Honoring the Nation's First Responders Day"; H.R.1293, to amend title 5, United States Code, to require that the Office of Personnel Management submit an annual report to Congress relating to the use of official time by federal employees; H.R.1117, to require the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator to submit a report regarding certain plans regarding assistance to applicants and grantees during the response to an emergency or disaster; H.R.1679, the "FEMA Accountability, Modernization and Transparency Act of 2017"; H.R.195, the "Federal Register Printing Savings Act of 2017"; and H.R.194, the "Federal Agency Mail Management Act of 2017."
Pending Nominations

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee (Chairman John Thune, R-S.D.) hearing on the nominations of Ronald Batory to be administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration; Mark Buzby to be Administrator of the Maritime Administration; Peter Davidson to be general counsel of the Commerce Department; and Karen Dunn Kelley to be Commerce undersecretary for economic affairs.
Foreign Agents Registration Enforcement

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Judiciary Committee (Chairman Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa) hearing on "Oversight of the Justice Department's (Non) Enforcement of the Foreign Agents Registration Act: Lessons from the Obama Administration' and Current Compliance Practices."
Treasury Budget

JULY 26, 2017 -- Financial Services and General Government Subcommittee (Chairwoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va.) of Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on proposed budget estimates and justification for FY2018 for the Treasury Department.
South Sudan's Conflict and Famine

JULY 26, 2017 -- Africa and Global Health Policy Subcommittee (Chairman Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.) of Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on "South Sudan's Conflict and Famine."
Government Wildlife Conservation Programs Authorization

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (Chairman John Barrasso, R-Wyo.) markup of S.1514, the "Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation for Wildlife Act."
Veterans' Education Benefits

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee (Chairman Johnny Isakson, R-Ga.) markup of S.1598, the "Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017," to improve veterans' education benefits and enhance the post-9/11 G.I. Bill.
Pending Nominations

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn.) hearing on the nominations of Michael Raynor to be ambassador to Ethiopia; Maria Brewer to be ambassador to Sierra Leone; and John Desrocher to be ambassador to Algeria.
Human Trafficking American Indian/Alaska Natives

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Indian Affairs Committee (Chairman John Hoeven, R-N.D.) hearing on "The GAO Reports on Human Trafficking of American Indian and Alaska Natives in the United States."
Federal Infrastructure Permitting

JULY 26, 2017 -- Investigations Subcommittee hearing on "Cutting Through the Red Tape: Oversight of Federal Infrastructure Permitting and the Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Council."
Pending Legislation

JULY 26, 2017 -- Senate Indian Affairs Committee (Chairman John Hoeven, R-N.D.) markup of S.1285, the "Oregon Tribal Economic Development Act"; and H.R.984, the "Thomasina E. Jordan Indian Tribes of Virginia Federal Recognition Act of 2017."
Senate Committees:
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