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TOBACCO TAX REVENUES DO NOT LIVE UP TO PROMISES - Supporters of cigarette and other tobacco tax increases say the extra revenue will go toward tobacco use prevention programs. But that’s not always the case. States collect billions from tobacco taxes and the 1998 state tobacco settlement every year. Although the Centers for Disease Control recommends this money be spent on prevention programs, states actually spend far less prevention. Please vote "NO” on any tobacco tax increase proposals.
MORE TAXES = LESS PROJECTED REVENUE - When taxes go up, consumers find ways to beat higher prices: ordering from online sellers, buying from black-market dealers or driving to states with lower tax rates. These actions lead to lost sales for legitimate retailers and potentially lost jobs. Given the current economy and unemployment, this is something no one can afford. The state also loses excise and sales tax revenue from those sales and will find it isn't getting nearly as much revenue from tax increases as expected. Programs depending on tobacco tax revenue will then go unfunded. Please vote "NO” on any tobacco tax increase proposals.
HIGHER TOBACCO TAXES BURDEN LOW-INCOME AND WORKING-CLASS FAMILIES - Most adult tobacco consumers are low- or middle-income earners, and increasing taxes forces those who can least afford it to shoulder the burden. Between federal, state and local taxes — and tobacco settlement payments, governments already make billions of dollars each year from these individuals. Tobacco consumers already pay more than their fair share. Please vote "NO” on any tobacco tax increase proposals.
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