Pain Relief Promotion Act
to pass the ban on use of controlled substances for assisted suicide
House Roll Call No. 544
106th Congress, 1st Session

Passed: 271-156 (see complete tally)
Following the rejection of the hostile Johnson Substitute on the previous roll call, the House passed the NRLC-backed Pain Relief Promotion Act (H.R. 2260), to ban the use of federally controlled substances for assisted suicide and to promote pain relief, 271-156, roll call 544, Oct. 27, 1999. The bill was supported by 200 Republicans and 71 Democrats. It was opposed by 20 Republicans, 135 Democrats, and one independent. Senator Don Nickles (R-Ok.) introduced and actively worked for a companion bill, S. 1272. However, the Senate did not take up either H.R. 2260 or S. 1272 because of a threatened filibuster by opponents, led by Senator Ron Wyden (D-Or.).

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 544
Votes For : 271
Votes Against : 156
Not Voting : 6

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