Shays-Meehan (McCain-Feingold) "campaign finance reform"
Contains restrictions on free speech about politicians
Senate Roll Call No. 54
107th Congress, 2nd Session

Passed: 60-40 (see complete tally)
The Senate passed the Shays-Meehan "campaign finance reform" bill (H.R. 2356), which was similar to the McCain-Feingold bill (S. 27) that the Senate had approved on April 3, 2001. NRLC opposed these bills because they would place sweeping restrictions on the right of NRLC, NRLC affiliates, and other citizens' groups to communicate with the public regarding the positions and votes of federal politicians, and regarding upcoming votes in Congress. For details on the objectionable provisions, see The Senate passed the bill by a vote of 60 to 40, Vote No. 54, March 20, 2002.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 54
Votes For : 60
Votes Against : 40

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