Funding of abortions by D.C. city government
The Norton Amendment
House Roll Call No. 408
105th Congress, 2nd Session

Failed: 180-243 (see complete tally)
Under the Constitution, the District of Columbia (D.C.) is a federal jurisdiction, over which Congress has complete legislative authority. The entire budget of the Washington, D.C. city government is appropriated by Congress. In many (but not all) fiscal years, Congress has attached a "rider" to the annual D.C. appropriations bill to prohibit the city government from using public funds (including funds raised through local taxes) to pay for abortions
(except to save the life of the mother, or in cases of rape or incest).
On August 6, 1998, during consideration of the Fiscal Year 1999 D.C. appropriations bill (H.R. 4380), Eleanor Holmes Norton -- the nonvoting elected delegate for D.C. -- offered an amendment to nullify the pro-life
policy. Norton's amendment failed, 180-243, House roll call no. 408. Thus, the pro-life policy was continued.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 408
Votes For : 180
Votes Against : 243
Voted "Present" : 1
Not Voting : 10

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