Mexico City Policy / UNFPA
Gilman Amendment
House Roll Call No. 362
105th Congress, 1st Session

Failed: 210-218 (see complete tally)
The House revisited issues involving U.S. funding of groups that promote abortion in foreign nations on Sept. 4, 1997, during consideration of the foreign aid appropriations bill (H.R. 2159). Pro-life Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ), James Barcia (D-Mi.), and others offered an NRLC-backed amendment to restore the pro-life Mexico City Policy, to deny funding to groups that perform or promote abortion in foreign nations, with certain exceptions. Pro-abortion Reps. Ben Gilman (R-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) offered a "killer amendment" which, if adopted, would have effectively nullified the Smith Amendment by allowing funding of any group that the Clinton Administration asserted did not "promote" abortion "as a method of family planning." This language was deliberately crafted to be so vague that, in the hands of the Clinton Administration, it would not have prevented funding even of organizations that run networks of abortion clinics, or that campaign to legalize abortion in other countries. The pro-abortion Gilman-Pelosi Amendment was narrowly defeated, 218-210, House roll call no. 362, Sept. 4, 1997. (The House then adopted the pro-life Smith-Barcia Amendment, 234-191, on the next roll call. Note: Lawmakers who voted first for the unsuccessful Gilman-Pelosi "killer" amendment, but who then voted to pass the Smith-Barcia Amendment, clearly were not dependable supporters of the pro-life policy.)

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 362
Votes For : 210
Votes Against : 218
Not Voting : 5

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