Human cloning ban: hostile substitute (clone and kill)
Greenwood Substitute Amendment
House Roll Call No. 302
107th Congress, 1st Session

Failed: 178-249 (see complete tally)
NRLC supported the Human Cloning Prohibition Act (H.R. 2505), sponsored by Reps. Dave Weldon (R-Fl.) and Bart Stupak (D-Mi.), to prohibit the cloning of human embryos. During consideration of that bill, Congressman Jim Greenwood (R-Pa.) offered a hostile substitute amendment that would have established a "clone and kill" policy -- that is, it would have allowed the cloning of human embryos and then prohibited allowing any to survive by implantation in a uterus. NRLC opposed the substitute, which failed, 178-249, Roll Call No. 302, July 31, 2001.

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 302
Votes For : 178
Votes Against : 249
Not Voting : 6

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