Funding of embryo-killing stem cell research (H.R. 810)

Senate Roll Call No. 206
109th Congress, 2nd Session

Passed: 63-37 (see complete tally)

On August 9, 2001, President Bush adopted a pro-life policy that prohibits federal funding of any stem cell research that requires killing human embryos.  H.R. 810 was a bill to overturn the President's pro-life policy and order federal funding of such research.  The bill required funding of human embryonic stem cells taken "from human embryos that have been donated from in vitro fertilization clinics, were created for the purposes of fertility treatment, and were in excess of the clinical need of the individuals seeking such treatment," if "it was determined that the embryos would never be implanted in a woman and would otherwise be discarded."  NRLC strongly opposed this bill, but it initially passed the House of Representatives on May 24, 2005, shown as vote no. 5 in the NRLC House scorecard for 2005-2006.  The Senate passed the bill on July 18, 2006, by a vote of 63 to 37, which is the roll call shown here (Senate roll call no. 206).  On this roll call, 19 Republicans and 44 Democrats voted for H.R. 810, while 36 Republicans and one Democrat voted against it.  On July 19, 2006, President Bush vetoed H.R. 810.  On the same day, the House sustained his veto, killing H.R. 810 for the remainder of the 109th Congress.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 206
Votes For : 63
Votes Against : 37

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