State Department authorization bill
included pro-life provision on "population assistance"
Senate Roll Call No. 105
105th Congress, 2nd Session

Agreed to: 51-49 (see complete tally)
On April 28, 1998, the Senate considered the final version (called a "conference report") on a bill to reorganize the State Department (H.R. 1757). The most controversial provision of the conference report was a pro-life provision, authored by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), to cut off U.S. "population assistance" funds to private organizations that campaign to legalize abortion in foreign nations, or that violate other nations' abortion laws (this was a version of the so-called "Mexico City Policy"). The White House opposed the bill, while NRLC supported it for the sake of the Smith provision. The Senate approved the measure, 51-49 (Vote No. 105). On October 21, 1998, President Clinton vetoed this bill.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 105
Votes For : 51
Votes Against : 49

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