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Kentucky State Leadership
Robert Stivers President
Robert Stivers (R-KY-25th)
Damon D. Thayer Majority Floor Leader
Damon D. Thayer (R-KY-17th)
Dan Seum Majority Caucus Chair
Dan Seum (R-KY-38th)
Mike Wilson Majority Whip
Mike Wilson (R-KY-32nd)
Ray Jones Minority Floor Leader
Ray Jones (D-KY-31st)
Dorsey Ridley Minority Caucus Chair
Dorsey Ridley (D-KY-4th)
Dennis L. Parrett Minority Whip
Dennis L. Parrett (D-KY-10th)
House of Representatives
David W. Osborne Acting Speaker
David W. Osborne (R-KY-59th)
Jonathan Shell Majority Floor Leader
Jonathan Shell (R-KY-71st)
David Meade Majority Caucus Chair
David Meade (R-KY-80th)
Kevin D. Bratcher Majority Whip
Kevin D. Bratcher (R-KY-29th)
Rocky Adkins Minority Floor Leader
Rocky Adkins (D-KY-99th)
Dennis Keene Minority Caucus Chair
Dennis Keene (D-KY-67th)
Wilson Stone Minority Whip
Wilson Stone (D-KY-22nd)
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