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Scott Oelslager Rep.
Scott Oelslager (REP-OH-48th)
Ranking Member
Jack Cera Rep.
Jack Cera (DEM-OH-96th)
Republicans (19)
Rep. Brian Baldridge (REP-OH-90th)
Rep. Louis Blessing (REP-OH-29th)
Rep. James Butler (REP-OH-41st)
Rep. Jamie Callender (REP-OH-61st)
Rep. Rick Carfagna (REP-OH-68th)
Rep. Sara Carruthers (REP-OH-51st)
Rep. Jon Cross (REP-OH-83rd)
Rep. Robert Cupp (REP-OH-4th)
Rep. Jay Edwards (REP-OH-94th)
Rep. Dave Greenspan (REP-OH-16th)
Rep. Stephen Hambley (REP-OH-69th)
Rep. James Hoops (REP-OH-81st)
Rep. P. Scott Lipps (REP-OH-62nd)
Rep. Rick Perales (REP-OH-73rd)
Rep. Phil Plummer (REP-OH-40th)
Rep. Tracy Richardson (REP-OH-86th)
Rep. Bill Roemer (REP-OH-38th)
Rep. Mark Romanchuk (REP-OH-2nd)
Rep. Shane Wilkin (REP-OH-91st)
Democrats (11)
Rep. Erica Crawley (DEM-OH-26th)
Rep. Paula Hicks Hudson (DEM-OH-44th)
Rep. Stephanie Howse (DEM-OH-11th)
Rep. Brigid Kelly (DEM-OH-31st)
Rep. Adam Miller (DEM-OH-17th)
Rep. Michael O'Brien (DEM-OH-64th)
Rep. John Patterson (DEM-OH-99th)
Rep. John Rogers (DEM-OH-60th)
Rep. Michael Skindell (DEM-OH-13th)
Rep. Bride Sweeney (DEM-OH-14th)
Rep. Thomas West (DEM-OH-49th)
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