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Prevent catastrophic cuts to Carver schools

Let’s use our collective power to send a message to the Carver selectmen and School Committee that preserving staff and programs is vital for the students attending the Carver Public Schools. The Education Association of Plymouth and Carver has been working hard to prevent drastic cuts to the school budget. Please take action now.

Take Action
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Message Recipients:
Mr. Andrew Soliwoda, Carver School Committee
Mr. Ronald E. Clarke , Chair, Carver Board of Selectmen
Ms. Helen L. Marrone, Carver Board of Selectmen
Ms. Sarah G. Hewins, Carver Board of Selectmen
Mr. Dave Robertson, Carver Board of Selectmen
Mr. Andrew Cardarelli, Carver School Committee
Mr. James O'Brien, Carver School Committee
Ms. Gina Marie Hanlon-Cavicchi, Chair, Carver School Committee
Ms. Paula Kibbe, Carver School Committee
Mr. Alan E. Dunham, Carver Board of Selectmen
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