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Bills Need A Hearing
Due Process and Bullying
The House of Representatives took action and passed bills last week restoring due process rights for teachers while strengthening policies to address school bullying.  Now those bills (HB 2757, Due Process & HB 2758, Bullying Policies) are available to be heard in the Senate Education Committee.  We encourage you to send a message to the Chair (Senator Molly Baumgardner) and Vice-Chair (Senator Larry Alley) to let them know that these bills need a full hearing. 

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As a Kansan, I am very concerned about caring for and supporting both our teachers and students.
You have two bills, both passed by the House, that will do a lot of good for education in Kansas.
HB 2758 would make sure that school districts provide their policy on bullying to all parents and publish those policies on their websites. This bill will also expand the list of issues that must be included in those policies. This is a very good policy change for our children.
HB 2757 will restore due process to Kansas teachers. If we want our teachers to stand up strongly for our children, they need to be empowered to do so.
I support efforts to protect our children and I support giving our teachers a safe platform from which to advocate for those children.
Please provide a hearing for both HB 2757 and 2758. The passage of these bills will be a benefit to our schools.
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