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Tax credits equal vouchers, vote "No"!
Please do not support the school voucher scheme being proposed as a compromise to Senate Bill 1.

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Tax credits equal vouchers, vote "No"!
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Please do not support the school voucher scheme being proposed as a compromise to Senate Bill 1. Everyone agrees that funding inequity exists in Illinois. Now is not the time to divert more resources away from the students and schools that need them the most.

• Vouchers don’t make children better students. Strong public schools do.
• Private schools are not held accountable by the communities they exist in. Public schools have locally elected school boards.
• Vouchers don’t have to cover all the costs associated with a private school. Public schools don’t have added cost.
• Private schools can refuse to teach your child. Public schools welcome all children.
• Many people don’t want their public dollars going to a private school. Everyone wants a strong public school in their district.

A voucher scheme is just another distraction from what we should really be talking about: Fair and equitable funding for all students in Illinois.

In addition, the plan you are being asked to vote on includes the ability for districts to make cuts to drivers' education and physical education programs. I ask that you don't support this measure, either, as it's unclear these cuts save districts money and both are good for students.
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