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Please override the governor's amendatory veto of SB 1
IEA President Kathi Griffin urges members to call state representatives and demand an override of the governor’s amendatory veto of SB 1.

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Please override the governorís amendatory veto of SB 1
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I am a member of the Illinois Education Association and live in your district. I have grave concerns about the upcoming school year Ė whether it will start on time, whether my school district will be able to keep its doors open and what kinds of challenges the students in my district will face over the course of the year as a result of the governorís amendatory veto of SB 1.

I am writing to ask you to do three things, please:

1. Support the override of Gov. Raunerís amendatory veto on SB 1. Schools need to open on time and know the year wonít be interrupted due to a lack of funding.

2. Oppose the tax credit proposal because it diverts money away from public education at a time when we have been chronically underfunding our schools.

3. Oppose any proposals that would limit student access to quality driversí education instruction, reduce the ability for students to get regular physical education or enable substandard subcontracting of services in our schools.

Iím counting on you to stand up for students and schools in our area. Strong public schools create strong communities.
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