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Urge Congress to Pass a National Solution to GMO Labeling

Write a letter to your members of Congress to support a voluntary, national solution to labeling GMO food ingredients. The passage of this national solution is of utmost importance to the American farmer and consumers. A national solution would allow those who want to purchase GMO-free products the ability to do so while preserving the marketplace options for all consumers. Send a letter to Congress to support policies based on science that give producers the tools they need to improve their operations and provide high-quality, safe products for consumers. 


Urge Your Senator to Support S. 2243

Support of S.2243 will maintain neutrality of form in the FFVP to increase the consumption of healthy, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables which will help students form lifelong healthy eating habits at an early age. Please take action now by writing your Senator!

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    Invite your member of Congress to Join Today

    Write a letter to your member of Congress inviting them to join the Congressional Farmer Cooperative Caucus to promote greater awareness and understanding of farmer cooperatives and their importance as a proven tool to helpindividual family farmers and ranchers through the ups and downs of weather, commodity markets, and technological change and provide timely analysis and other information on economic and market trends, including existing and proposed laws and regulations impacting farmer cooperatives and the ability of farmers to form cooperative associations.

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