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Action Alert

Once again, the appropriations process has broken down. A major contributor to the failure of regular order is the artificial cap placed on spending for the upcoming fiscal year by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA). This BCA cap for FY 2016 is not high enough to maintain critical programs and services upon which all Americans depend. A deal is needed to raise spending for the upcoming fiscal year, but so far Congressional leadership has refused to begin budget discussions.

Your lawmakers are at home for August recess and are listening to their constituents- please tell your legislators today that the current spending levels are too low and an agreement must be reached immediately to raise these spending limits.

The FY 2016 House Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) 302(b) allocation demonstrates this problem. Irresponsibly low funding levels allocated to fund the THUD bill required appropriators to make steep cuts to housing and community development programs that help pull many of American’s most vulnerable citizens out of poverty.

This low funding level led to massive cuts to housing and community development programs in the House and Senate FY 2016 THUD bills- particularly the devstating 93 percent cut proposed in the Senate's bill. 

Unfortunately, if spending levels aren’t increased, this would be yet another year of cuts after several years of austerity that which have gutted spending on many critical housing and community development programs.

As administrators or recipients of these services, you are in a unique position to tell the story of how budget cuts to THUD have impacted your community and why increased investment in these programs is needed. Please take the time to edit the letter found below with the story of your community so your legislators know the true extent of the problem. 

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