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Alabama: Support Senate Bill 243
Dear Wine Lovers of Alabama,

Alabama is one of only six states with an archaic ban on winery-to-consumer direct shipments.

But proposed legislation would, if passed, allow adult consumers like you to purchase a limited amount of wine directly from wineries licensed by the state to ship.

We need your help! 

Take two minutes today to personalize the message below which will be sent automatically through our website to your state legislators. Urge them to support Senate Bill 243.

And if you have time, please call the Senators listed below before next Wednesday, February 14. They are members of the Senate committee who are scheduled to consider the bill on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Write Your Legislators: Take two minutes and personalize our message below.
  2. Call any or all of the Senators on the list below.
  3. Follow us on Facebook: We post news and updates on Facebook.
  4. Forward this Message to Your Friends and Colleagues: Legislators really do listen to consumers and we need wine lovers to speak up.

We believe that consumers like you should determine which wines you can enjoy and how you purchase them. Model direct shipping legislation, similar to Senate Bill 243, is working successfully in the majority of states–which represent nearly 94% of the population--and provide additional tax revenues, satisfy consumer demand, and meet regulatory requirements in a dynamic marketplace.

Together with you, we hope to replace Alabama’s outdated ban on wine shipments, and to expand consumer choice for you.

Thank you for your support!

Free the Grapes!


Sen. Phil Williams – 334-242-7857 Chairman
Sen. Cam Ward – 334-242-7873 Vice Chairman
Sen. Clyde Chambliss – 334-242-7883
Sen. Pricilla Dunn – 334-242-7793
Sen. Bill Hightower – 334-242-7882
Sen. Steve Livingston – 334-242-7858
Sen. Jim McClendon – 334-242-7898
Sen. Tim Melson – 334-242-7888
Sen. Arthur Orr – 334-242-7891
Sen. Trip Pittman – 334-242-7897
Sen. Greg Reed – 334-242-7894
Sen. Paul Sanford – 334-242-7867
Sen. Clay Scofield – 334-242-7876
Sen. Bobby Singleton – 334-242-7935
Sen. Roger Smitherman – 334-242-7870
Sen. Larry Stutts – 334-242-7862

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