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Tell Congress: Oppose Senate Health Bill for its Deep Medicaid Cut
Tell the U.S. Senate to reject cuts and caps to Medicaid services that empower people with disabilities to live independently. 


The U.S. Senate will vote after the July 4 recess on its Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), which includes deep cuts to Medicaid services that empower people with disabilities to live independently.

Easterseals opposes BCRA for its problematic Medicaid provisions, which will result in even deeper Medicaid cuts than the U.S. House-passed bill:

  • Directly removes $12 billion from Medicaid home and community-based services for individuals with disabilities by eliminating Medicaid’s Community First Choice Program(Sec. 125);
  • Ends the federal government’s guarantee to cover a state’s actual cost to provide Medicaid care and supports for a person with a disability (Sec. 133); and
  • Calculates annual Medicaid adjustments to states with a formula that does not reflect the actual costs of medical commodities and services (Sec. 133).

These huge cuts in Medicaid must be stopped in the U.S. Senate. Tell your Senators to oppose the BCRA for its harmful cuts to Medicaid services for people with disabilities.

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Oppose the Better Care Reconciliation Act
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Please oppose the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) for its deep cuts to Medicaid services for people with disabilities.

The per-capita cap and other cuts to Medicaid included in BCRA will make it harder for children and adults with disabilities to access the Medicaid care and supports they need to maintain their health and independence. In fact, BCRA imposes an even harsher Medicaid funding cap than the House-passed bill.

The goal of health care reform should be to improve health and access to care for all Americans, but especially individuals with disabilities. Unfortunately, BCRA does not accomplish this goal. The Medicaid cuts in BCRA will jeopardize, not improve, the ability for a child with cerebral palsy to access physical therapy, an adult with spinal cord injuries to receive personal assistance services, or a vulnerable senior to get in-home health care.
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Please stop these cuts by voting against the Better Care Reconciliation Act.
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