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Eagle Forum on Fox News - Defeat Common Core!

November 12, 2013

Eagle Forum’s Executive Director Glyn Wright was on “FOX & Friends” over the weekend to discuss some of the problems with Common Core.  We know that the Common Core horror stories we are hearing from across the country are just the beginning of this progressive initiative.  Common standards drive common testing, which will drive a common curriculum – resulting in a nationalized education system.

Not only is nationalized education illegal, but we all know what happens when the government takes control of anything – it becomes bloated, ineffective, and eventually dies.  No Child Left Behind is leaving children behind; the Affordable Care Act is making healthcare unaffordable; and, the Common Core will do nothing less than absolutely destroy the very core of the American education system.

Click below to see the interview:

Glyn Wright

Now take action!

It’s up to you to make sure your family and friends know the truth about the Common Core State Standards Initiative!  Pass this email along to your family and friends and distribute information from the Eagle Forum website so we can defeat the Common Core in every single state!

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