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Take Action Now or Never -- Tell Your Senators NO on Cloture!

September 26, 2013

Tomorrow, United States Senators will cast the most important vote of their term thus far – the cloture vote to end debate and proceed to final passage on the House-passed Continuing Resolution (CR).

The most successful election that the Republicans have experienced in the past decade was in 2010 when grassroots activists like you rose up in opposition to the tyranny you were seeing from the Obama Administration. Every Republican campaigned on a promise to restore power to the people and do away with the most unpopular law in America – ObamaCare.

However, many of those same Republicans you overwhelmingly elected in 2010 are planning to vote tomorrow with Harry Reid and his liberal friends.

As mentioned in our previous alert, Sen. Cruz asked Harry Reid on Monday for a vote on the House Continuing Resolution (CR) as-is, meaning the bill would continue funding all aspects of the federal government except ObamaCare. Harry Reid’s objection showed that he will not pass a bill funding the government unless funding for ObamaCare is restored. Immediately, Sen. Cruz requested that any amendments to the House CR require 60 votes. Again, Harry Reid’s objection revealed that his intentions are to change the House bill with a simple majority.

On Tuesday and into Wednesday, the whole nation watched as Senator Ted Cruz (TX) stood on the Senate floor for over 21 hours in support of the American people. Senator Cruz reminded the nation of the millions of Americans that are already suffering under the consequences of ObamaCare.

After Senator Cruz’s marathon of remarks, the Senate voted unanimously (as expected) to debate the House bill. Contrary to what some media reported, this was NOT the critical vote. The critical cloture vote that you must demand your Senators vote NO on will occur no later than Friday morning.


As of yesterday, Sen. Reid filed his amendment to the House CR and filled the amendment tree (meaning no other amendments can be offered). Reid’s amendment strikes the defunding for ObamaCare along with the debt prioritization language, while also changing the length of the CR from December 15th to November 15th. Harry Reid then filed cloture, and the critical cloture vote will be no later than Friday morning.

Take Action!

The Cloture vote has a 60-vote threshold. Since there are 46 Republicans and 54 Democrats in the Senate, Republicans alone can stop Harry Reid’s efforts. All Republicans have said they oppose funding ObamaCare, yet many of them are planning to vote with Harry Reid on cloture – the last opportunity we have to stop the Senate liberals’ plan. This vote will reveal whether or not these Senators are truly dedicated to liberating Americans from the tyranny of the Obama Administration.


If the Democrats get at least 4 Republicans to vote yes with them on the cloture vote, Harry Reid will offer his amendment to put ObamaCare funding back in the House CR. He will then only need a simple 51-vote majority to put funding back into the bill.

If enough Republicans (41) vote no on cloture, debate on the House bill will continue and we will continue to demand the House bill pass as-is in order to avoid a government shutdown while defunding ObamaCare.  

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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We urge you to defund ObamaCare in the current CR and block the effort to strike the defunding language by voting NO on cloture.
A "yes" vote on cloture is a vote for ObamaCare, and the American people are tired of being treated differently than businesses, Congressmen, and Congressional staff.
If ObamaCare is bad for Congressional leadership and their staff, then it is bad for all Americans -- we want exemptions, too!
We will blame any Senator who insists on protecting ObamaCare, instead of protecting the American people from the ObamaCare "trainwreck," for forcing a government shutdown.
We will be watching your vote, and we will tell our friends and neighbors how you vote.
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