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September 23, 2013

Defund ObamaCareEstablishment Republicans and their liberal counterparts want you to believe that there is no way to stop ObamaCare in the current debate over the House-passed Continuing Resolution.  Do not be fooled! We have never been closer to stopping ObamaCare. Let your Senators know you want this atrocious bill stopped NOW.  

The proposed CR must be passed by September 30th in order to keep the government running. This CR keeps the government running through December 15th but defunds ObamaCare. The same Congressional staffers who are fighting efforts to stop ObamaCare went to President Obama begging for an exemption for themselves to the terrible law. Let them know we want an exemption, too!

As earlier CR fights have shown us, liberals won’t compromise on their big government projects, but with the help of the liberal media, they get away with blaming conservatives for forcing a government shutdown if they stand strong. We need you to let your Senators, both liberal and conservative, know that defunding ObamaCare is not debatable.

Take Action!

Tell your Senators that we will make no distinction — they are either in favor of stopping this law before it goes into effect on October 1st or they are not. They are either for destroying the 40-hour work week and dismantling the best health care system in the world or they are not. They are either for removing people from their current plans and pushing them into a government-run, single-payer system or they are not. And they must decide now!!

Tell your Senators that the American people want the same exemption to ObamaCare that the Administration is providing businesses, Congressional leadership and their staff. What is bad for Congress is bad for the American people, and defunding ObamaCare through this House-passed CR is the only viable option right now! Read this Breitbart article for a fuller understanding of the current fight in the Senate.

We must make sure Republican leadership in the Senate understands that we expect them to lead the fight to block any effort to strike the defunding language.  We also need liberals to know that we will blame them for forcing a government shutdown if they insist on protecting ObamaCare, when we the people are demanding that they protect us from it!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121
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Please defund ObamaCare in the current continuing resolution and block any effort to strike the defunding language!
The American people are tired of being treated differently than businesses and Congressional staff.
What is good for Congress is good for the American people, and we want to be saved from ObamaCare, too!
We will blame any Senator who insists on protecting ObamaCare, instead of protecting the American people from the ObamaCare "trainwreck," for forcing a government shutdown.
We will be watching your vote, and we will tell our friends and neighbors how you vote.
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