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Take Action Amnesty Vote on June 27th -- Keep Calling Senators!
June 26, 2013

The final Cloture vote, the motion to end discussion and move to final passage of the Gang of Eight’s loophole and political payoff-ridden amnesty bill is scheduled for June 27th.  Cloture is important, because it requires a 60 vote threshold, so it’s the only vote conservatives can win in the Senate.   

Take Action!

We need you to call and to keep calling your Senators!  The Senate phone lines are jammed, so click here for all of your Senators’ phone numbers.

Also, now is a good time to start calling your Representative and ask if you can make an appointment to come to their office and urge them NOT to vote for amnesty.  We are hearing that individual visits to district offices are really making a difference in this battle, so please be encouraged!  Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

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S. 744 does more harm than good. It is a payoff to special interests and it will make the problems with our immigration system worse, not better.
S. 744 is so full of fatal flaws, no amendment can fix it.
S. 744 provides immediate legalization without securing the border.
S. 744 rewards criminal aliens, absconders and deportees and undermines law enforcement.
S. 744 contains extremely dangerous national security loopholes.
S. 744 facilitates fraud in our immigration system.
S. 744 creates no real penalties for illegal immigrants and rewards them with entitlements.
S. 744 delays for years the implementation of E-Verify.
S. 744 does not fix our legal immigration system.
S. 744 advanced through a process predicated on a deal struck before mark-up.
S. 744 rewards those who have broken our laws by offering a special path to citizenship.
S. 744 thoroughly guts interior enforcement of immigration laws.
Like Obamacare, S. 744 grants enormous power and discretion to the Secretary of Homeland Security, who has a well-established policy of NOT enforcing immigration laws and of legalizing as many people as possible.
S.744 weakens control on asylum seekers, even in the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, which was perpetuated by foreigners who were granted asylum in the United States.
S. 744 outsources the job of guiding aliens through the amnesty process to ACORN-like, liberal community organizer groups.
Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation conservatively estimates that the amnesty portion of the bill alone will cost taxpayers $6.3 trillion, and reports indicate the bill will flood 33 million people into the country over the next 10 years to compete in an already difficult job market and untold numbers of temporary workers.
S. 744 creates extravagant new programs, and because the authors of the bill declared that these programs are "emergency spending," they are exempted from the "pay as you go" requirement.
Even worse, S. 744 combined with ObamaCare will make newly amnestied aliens more attractive to employers than American citizens or legal immigrants, since employers will not have to pay ObamaCare penalties for newly amnestied illegal aliens, because they are not eligible for ObamaCare.
This bill is unjust and harmful on so many levels and it must be rejected. We would be much better off simply enforcing current law than enacting S.744, which weakens current immigration law.
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