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June 11, 2013

The U.S. Senate voted this afternoon on the Motion to Proceed with the Gang of Eight amnesty bill, S. 744. Normally, we would not score a vote on the Motion to Proceed, however, this bill is SO dreadful that it should not even be up for a vote.

Only 15 Senators voted to keep this terrible legislation from coming to the Senate floor, and many might try to tell you that they voted “yes” so that they can bring their ideas, through amendments, to the bill. We disagree with that tactic. The Senate needs to scrap S. 744 and start over. 

You can see how your Senator voted here — we need you to hold them accountable!

We know many Senators are not answering their phones, so be sure to enter your zip code below to e-mail your Senator with our provided talking points about their vote on the Motion to Proceed to S. 744. Then call your Senator, and if they voted yes, tell them you are disappointed that they would vote to bring this terrible, promise-breaking amnesty bill to the floor. If they voted no, do all you can to support him or her for this courageous vote! 

Pressure to vote for this bill is incredibly intense in Washington, D.C. The Senators, well-funded corporations and special interests supporting this bill are so desperate to pass it that they are either intentionally lying to mislead the American people, or they haven’t read the bill.  That’s easy to do with a bill that is more than 1,000 pages long. 

One lie we’re hearing is that amnestied aliens will have to learn English.  As our friends at Pro English explain in this alert, that is completely untrue.

This document outlines the top twelve reasons Senators should oppose the Gang of Eight bill.  It contains excellent citations and resources.  Please share it with your Senators and other activists.  The top twelve reasons are:

  1. Fails to secure the border.
  2. Unfairly grants legal status to millions of illegal immigrants ahead of those following our laws.
  3. Threatens to bankrupt our already strained entitlement system.
  4. Contains dangerous loopholes that threaten national security.
  5. Cedes control of immigration law to the Secretary of Homeland Security and other unelected bureaucrats.
  6. Rewards criminals and punishes law enforcement.
  7. Expands government by creating new bureaucracies, authorizing new spending, and calling for endless regulations.
  8. Breaks our already dysfunctional legal immigration system.
  9. Contains earmark that benefits specific states, industries and interest groups.
  10. Dismantles domestic enforcement of our immigration laws.
  11. It is over 1,000 pages long.
  12. The Gang of Eight Oppose All Amendments that “upset” the “delicate balance.” (In other words, there is no fixing this bill!)

Take Action!

Now more than ever, we need you call your Senators, visit them when they return home on weekends, attend town hall meetings, and visit their district offices!  Tell them that you oppose the bill, challenge them if they are in support, and ask them if they know what is really in this bill.  We can tell you from speaking to staffers on Capitol Hill that most of the Senators do not know what’s in the bill. When they find out that they will be held accountable for it, they might back off their support.

If you live in Alabama, Idaho or Wyoming, you have two Senators who voted to stop this bill.  In all other states, one or both Senators voted in favor of further consideration of this terrible bill. Call your Senators and urge him or her to vote against the bill at the next opportunity!

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