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June 10, 2013

Unfortunately, our fight to stop the implementation of the Common Core Standards (CCS) in Kansas failed June 1st.

After a flurry of activity, the Senate passed a budget that would have prevented funding of the Next Generation Science Standards and would have created a joint committee to study the Standards and its fiscal impact.

Although this provision produced by the Senate would have delayed implementation of CCS, this watered-down version would have still failed to restore control to Kansas parents and school boards.

The bill passed the Senate but failed in the House by a vote of 53-58.

Please go to this e-mail link to send your State Representative a message according to how they voted, and then go to this link to send your State Senator a message as well.

We will not stop fighting. In fact, we intend to push for a full repeal or defunding instead of continuing to allow our legislators to get by with these mediocre attempts at restoring local control to education.

Below are the details for an opportunity to speak out against Common Core at the Kansas State Board of Education meeting on June 11th. You can find details about the upcoming meeting here. You can also live-stream the meeting from that link.

This is a very important meeting as board members are scheduled to vote on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). We want to encourage the SBOE to delay this vote until more information about the Standards is shared and discussed. Although NGSS is not being referred to as “Common Core,” the standards were written by Achieve, Inc., — the entity that developed and promoted the Common Core Standards. Read about NGSS here.

The Citizens Open Forum starts at 10:30 am, when you will have the opportunity to address the board for 3 minutes. We highly encourage you to do so. We are told that last month there were 17 citizens speaking against Common Core, and only one, a lobbyist, speaking in support.

We must continue to educate about the dangers of the Common Core State Standards Initiative!

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Please e-mail your State Legislators here about their vote on delaying implementation of the Common Core Standards.  

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