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Take Action URGENT: Call Gov. Snyder - CCS Defunding Passes Both Houses!

June 4, 2013

Great news! The Michigan State Legislature has voted to defund Common Core. Now the bill is moving to the Governor’s desk for his signature. Please call and e-mail the Governor imploring him to sign the Department of Education budget that contains language to defund the implementation of the Common Core Standards.  

As you know, Governor Snyder has indicated, in an appearance with Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, that he supports the Standards.

We know that the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) is a big-government, top-down approach to education that puts the futures of our children in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.

If Governor Snyder’s office tries to tell you the federal government is not involved, kindly remind them of these key points:

  • Deceit: The national Common Core State Standards were not created by the states, but rather by private organizations in Washington, D.C., with funding from private entities such as the Gates Foundation. Just because the National Governor’s Association was involved does not mean that the Standards were “state-led” and “voluntary.”
  • Coercion: The Federal Government used the Race to the Top competition and the promise of waivers from No Child Left Behind to impose the Standards on the states.
  • The Standards undermine our federalist system of divided powers and reduces states and the states’ elected officials to administrative agents as this federal overreach takes power away from local and most state school boards by giving them zero control of content.

Additionally, as we’ve outlined before, costs are estimated to be $16 billion with 90% paid by the states who have no say in what is being taught! The Standards unquestionably “dumb-down” our children and are so low that two Ph.D.s serving on the CCS validation committee (Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram) refused to sign off on the standards. You can read more about this issue in this Phyllis Schlafly column.

Take Action!

Please call Governor Snyder at (517) 373-3400, and use this e-mail tool and talking points to send a message urging passage of the bill.


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We are writing to urge you to sign the Department of Education budget that defunds the Common Core Standards because this big-government, top-down approach to education is not good for students and the future of Michigan.
With the costs to implement and meet the standards totaling around $16 billion, states will be expected to foot about 90% of that bill. We cannot afford the Common Core!
The national Common Core State Standards were not created by the states, but rather by private organizations in Washington, D.C. Just because the National Governor's Association was involved does not mean that the Standards were "state-led" and "voluntary."
We know that Michigan cannot depend on the federal government to look out for the best interests of our children, so please defend Michigan children by signing the education budget defunding the Common Core Standards.
The bill does not change local school budgets nor does it force any school to stop using Common Core. Please allow teachers to teach children in the best way possible by signing this budget that will remove the state mandate and burdensome tests instituted by Common Core.
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