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Take Action People of Faith Oppose Amnesty!

May 1, 2013

We have had an overwhelming response to our petition allowing people of faith to register their opposition to Amnesty, but we need you!

We plan to present the petition to legislators on Capitol Hill and at meetings with other faith based groups. Faith leaders who are advocating for amnesty claim to represent hundreds of thousands of members, so we need as many people as possible to respectfully register their disagreement with these leaders.

Take Action!

Please *sign the petition* today so we can deliver it to legislators and faith-leaders on Capitol Hill. They need to know that Americans of strong faith demand real reform and sound policy, not political payoffs and broken promises. 

Please post the petition on your Facebook, tweet if you use Twitter, and forward this email to your family and friends!

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Every week, we go to coalition meetings comprised of outside organizations and Congressional staff. Some leaders of the faith community have been saying that people of strong faith should support Amnesty, claiming it is a biblical mandate. 

We respect many of these leaders and work with them closely to protect life, traditional marriage, religious freedom, and other vital issues. However, we respectfully disagree with their stance on Amnesty.  

Scripture is clear on many things, but a sovereign nation’s immigration policy is not one of them.

There is no biblical mandate for mass Amnesty for illegal aliens. Make no mistake, the current Senate proposal allows all illegal aliens to come forward to receive “Registered Provisional Immigrant” (RPI) legal status within six months after President Obama signs the bill. That is Amnesty. 

Scripture clearly commands individuals and the Body of Christ to show kindness and compassion to “strangers” or “sojourners,” terms that imply a person is in a foreign land temporarily.  However, that is not a command to the government. Government is charged with protecting its own citizens and administering justice so its citizens remain free to exercise compassion and generosity.

America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. The individual exercise of compassion and generosity are an integral part of the American dream. In order to protect the American Dream for everyone who seeks it, we must implement sound policy. Amnesty is not sound policy.

We are saddened that people of strong faith have been called nasty names (racist, isolationist, nativist, and xenophobic) for demanding that our government institute policies that keep us safe, protect jobs for law-abiding citizens and immigrants, stop adding pressure to an already crumbling economy, and stop adding dependents to a welfare system which is already unable to keep the promises already made. 

It is not racist, isolationist, nativist, or xenophobic to demand the rule of law and to demand that government obey the immigration laws that have already been passed. 

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