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 March 15, 2013

Yesterday, during the Senate Judiciary Committee's mark-up of Senator Dianne Feinstein's Assault Weapons ban bill, liberals voted down an amendment offered by Senior Texas Senator John Cornyn that would have exempted women who have been afforded protective orders as defined in the Violence Against Women Act from arming themselves for their protection. 

This Act would have ensured that women fearing for their safety would have the freedom to defend themselves effectively against possible attack, but the liberals put their unconstitutional anti-gun agenda above women's safety.  We must not let them get away with it! American women do not want their legislators patronizing them as victims, we demand that our legislators protect our freedom to keep us from being victimized in the first place by defending our constitutional right to carry guns to defend ourselves.

In recent months leading to the passage of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act, liberals relentlessly attacked conservatives who sought accountability or reform for this expensive, highly politicized, dangerous and ineffective law, claiming that those conservatives did not care about women being raped or killed.

In truth, even liberal family violence expert Dr. Angela Moore Parmley reported, "We have no evidence to date that VAWA has led to a decrease in the overall levels of violence against women."  To the contrary, some studies indicate an increase in violence against women, including one study that notes a 60% increase in intimate partner homicides that is directly connected to VAWA-mandated mandatory arrest laws.

After nine years and more than $1 billion in taxpayer money, liberals claim to protect women through VAWA which has not effectively countered violence against women, but they vote to take away guns, which are very effective at allowing women to protect themselves?  Consider these statistics:

  • Each year an estimated 200,000 women use guns to defend themselves against sexual assault.
  • According to a study conducted in the early 1990s, 650 rapes a day were stopped because the intended victim was armed or claimed she was armed.
  • Women in particular need guns because more than 90% of violent crimes occur without a firearm, but instead involve physical size and strength.  This puts women at a disadvantage and guns are an effective equalizer.
  • Recent surveys of prisoners estimate that 3,600 rapes each day are never attempted because the victim had or claimed to have a gun.

 Liberals claim that no one needs what they define as an assault weapon (multiple rounds of ammunition that can be fired without reloading), but as Independent Women's Forum expert Gayle Trotter recently testified before the Senate, women need multiple rounds of ammunition to protect against multiple attackers.

We must speak out about the liberals’ hypocrisy and expose the real war on women!

Take Action!

If you use social media like Twitter and Facebook, please take a moment to thank Senator John Cornyn (@JohnCornyn) to thank him for taking a stand against the real war on women, liberals’ effort to kill our constitutional freedoms.  Please follow us at @EagleForum if you would like to retweet some of our commentary on this issue.

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Thank you Senate Judiciary Republicans for protecting women's rights to protect themselves from attackers.

Shame on Senate Judiciary Dems for killing women's right to protect themselves from attackers.  You are waging the true war on women!

We also urge you to take some time to submit a letter to the editor to your local newspaper to bring attention to this important issue.  To identify local media in your area, click here.

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