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February 13, 2013

Last night 22 Senate Republicans voted NO on the so-called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  President Obama’s “Organizing for America” and several other radical liberal groups immediately launched a social media attack.  After the vote, the 22 Senators who voted NO were bombarded with nasty, vulgar messages on their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.  We need to fight back with the facts and support these Senators for seeing through the rhetoric and voting against this terrible bill!

VAWA is a terribly expensive bill that has directed more than $1 billion taxpayer dollars to the radical feminist agenda since then-Senator Joe Biden championed it through the Senate in 1994. The bill passed overwhelmingly, because it is wrapped in the promise of providing assistance to battered women.  We must support the 22 Senators who saw through the liberal rhetoric and understand that VAWA is a bad bill for American families.  For a humorous overview of why VAWA is so bad, click here for a clip by young conservative Julie Borowski.

Domestic violence is a serious problem that requires a serious approach, not radical, partisan politics.  If Congress is interested in protecting women in crisis situations it should be giving money to the states so that local resources who can best understand the origins of the problems can best meet their communities’ needs.

VAWA instead empowers a body of radical feminists who self-describe as the “VAWA Mafia” to award money on the basis of politics, rather results.  Families in crisis deserve better.

VAWA is based on the feminist ideology that women are natural victims and men are natural batterers.  Feminist recipients of VAWA's handouts have used federal money to train legislators, judges and prosecutors in feminist ideology and goals. This has resulted in dozens of state laws calling for mandatory arrest laws and no-drop prosecution, which is constitutionally problematic, and according to a Harvard study actually results in a significant increase in partner violence.

Many of the VAWA programs require women to file for divorce before receiving help. VAWA should be revised to encourage counseling, when appropriate and voluntary, instead of promoting family breakdown, which further harms women and children.   VAWA money should also be used to help families combat the cause of violence, drugs and alcohol.

The 2013 VAWA Reauthorization bill, S. 47 adds additional political agenda items as it expands funding to same-sex couples and, for the first time in history, unconstitutionally allows tribal jurisdiction over non-tribal men accused of abuse. 

Take Action!

If your Senators are among the 22 who voted against VAWA, please take a moment to thank them via e-mail. 

If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can fight back against the nasty onslaught from the pro-VAWA crowd. Take a few moments to tweet your support or post it on their Facebook pages. Be sure to include the hashtag #VAWA. Follow @EagleForumPAC for some tweets on VAWA that can be re-tweeted.

Here are the names and Twitter handles for the 22 Senators who voted No on VAWA: 

Jeff Sessions: @SenatorSessions
John Boozman: @JohnBoozman
Marco Rubio: @marcorubio
Jim Risch: @SenatorRisch
Chuck Grassley: @GrassleyOffice
Pat Roberts: @SenPatRoberts
Mitch McConnell: @McConnellPress
Rand Paul: @SenRandPaul
Roy Blunt: @RoyBlunt
Mike Johanns: @Mike_Johanns
Tom Coburn: @TomCoburn
Jim Inhofe: @JimInhofe 
South Carolina:
Lindsey Graham: @LindseyGrahamSC
Tim Scott: @SenatorTimScott
South Dakota:
John Thune: @SenJohnThune
John Cornyn: @JohnCornyn
Ted Cruz: @SenTedCruz
Ron Johnson: @SenRonJohnson
John Barrasso: @SenJohnBarrasso
Mike Enzi: @SenatorEnzi
Orrin Hatch: @SenOrrinHatch
Mike Lee: @SenMikeLee
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