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Stop the ObamaCare Abortion Drug Mandate in the Senate!
February 9, 2012

The dirty details of ObamaCare are still being worked out by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and they are being announced little by little, hoping the American public will not notice.

Last month, Secretary Sebelius finalized part of ObamaCare’s “Preventive Services” rule, which will require all health insurance plans to cover sterilizations and all FDA-approved contraceptives, including the “Plan B,” the morning after pill and the abortion drug “Ella,” without co-pay.

This mandate is set to take effect August 1, 2012.  When pro-life activists, particularly the Catholic Church challenged this mandate, instead of respecting their deeply-held religious beliefs, Secretary Sebelius insulted the Catholic Church by granting it a one-year extension to comply with the mandate! 

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt has filed legislation that would revoke the Obama Administration's recent abortion drug mandate.  Known as the "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act," the bill would prevent implementation of new regulations which would require all health insurance plans to include contraceptive coverage.

Senator Blunt's proposal would permit health insurance plans to exclude coverage of specific items or services if they are "contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of the sponsor, issuer, or other entity offering the plan."  Health insurance carriers would also be authorized to offer plans which exclude certain services if they are contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of the purchaser or beneficiary of the coverage. 

  Take Action

 Please call your Senators and urge them to co-sponsor S. 1467 in the Senate, the "Respect for Rights of Conscience Act of 2011."

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