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Take Action Murkowski's Anti-Cap & Tax Vote is Today!
Call your Senators NOW and tell them to vote YES on the Murkowski Resolution, S. J. Res. 26!
UPDATE:  The Senate narrowly defeated the Murkowski Resolution of Disapproval that would stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions by a vote of 47 to 53 (Senate Roll Call 184).  Six Democrats and all 41 Republican Senators voted for the resolution.  Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) offered S. J. Res. 26 under the special procedures of the Congressional Review Act, so that the resolution needed only 51 votes for passage.  The fight against the EPA's regulation of greenhouse gas emissions is not over--a similar resolution is being pushed in the House and it currently has over 170 cosponsors.  

June 10, 2010
Today's floor vote on S. J. Res. 26, Senator Lisa Murkowski's Resolution of Disapproval of the EPA's "Endangerment Finding," remains too close to call, so we need as many phone calls as possible into both district and Capitol Hill Senate offices this morning and this afternoon before the vote!  
As we mentioned in our previous action alert which detailed the specifics of this important vote, S. J. Res. 26 has been brought under special rules of the Senate, so it needs only a simple majority (51 votes) to pass.  Its success or failure hinges on just a few key Senators!
The Obama Administration should not bypass the consent of Congress and force job-killing cap-and-tax policies on the American people through Washington, D.C. bureaucracy!  The clock is ticking, so only one day remains to urge your Senators to vote YES on the Murkowski resolution today! 
Here are the key Senators to contact, along with the phone and fax numbers of their offices in their States and on Capitol Hill.  It's not too late to generate phone calls and faxes in support of S. J. Res. 26!  Simply tell your Senators' offices:
"I urge Senator _____ to vote YES on the Murkowski Resolution today.  EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions will raise our energy prices, hurt the economy, and destroy jobs."

"Every Senator who votes NO is taking full responsibility for the consequences of EPA regulation of greenhouse gas emissions."
"Some Senators are lending their support to the Rockefeller two-year delay bill, but that is not an adequate alternative.  The key vote is on the Murkowski resolution, not the Rockefellar watered-down bill."

Callers should give their name, address, and phone number, and remember, only call your two Senators as offices will not record the opinions of non-constituents.   Please be sure to ask that your Senators write you a follow-up letter telling you how he or she voted.  Eagle Forum would love to hear the feedback you are receiving as you call these offices.  Thank you!

Capitol Switchboard:
Senator Mark Warner, Virginia
Abingdon: phone 276-628-8158; fax 276-628-1036
Norfolk: phone 757-441-3079; fax 757-441-6250
Richmond: phone 804-775-2314; fax 804-775-2319
Vienna: phone 703-442-0670; fax 703-442-0408
Roanoke: phone 540-857-2676; fax 540-857-2800
Senator Tim Johnson, South Dakota
Rapid City: phone (605) 341-3990; fax (605) 341-2207
Aberdeen: phone (605) 226-3440; fax (605) 226-2439
Sioux Falls: phone (605) 332-8896; fax (605) 332-282
Senator Jon Tester, Montana
Billings: phone (406) 252-0550; fax (406) 252-7768
Bozeman, phone (406) 586-4450; fax (406) 586-7647
Butte: phone (406) 723-3277; fax (406) 782-4717
Glendive: phone (406) 365-2391; fax (406) 365-8836
Great Falls: phone (406) 452-9585; fax (406) 452-9586
Helena: phone (406) 449-5401; fax (406) 449-5462
Kalispell: phone (406) 257-3360; fax (406) 257-3974
Missoula: phone (406) 728-3003; fax: (406) 728-2193
Senator Mark Pryor, Arkansas
Little Rock: phone (501) 324-6336; fax (501) 324-5320
Toll free from Arkansas: (877) 259-9602
Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana
Indianapolis: phone (317) 554-0750; fax (317) 554-0760 fax
Hammond: phone: (219) 852-2763; fax (219) 852-2787
Evansville: phone (812) 465-6500; (812) 465-6503
Fort Wayne: phone (260) 426-3151; fax (260) 420-0060
Jeffersonville: phone (812) 218-2317; fax (812) 218-2370
South Bend: phone (574) 236-8302; fax (574) 236-8319
Senator Kent Conrad, North Dakota
Minot: phone (701) 852-0703; fax (701) 838-8196
Grand Forks: phone (701) 775-9601; fax (701) 746-1990
Bismarck: phone (701) 258-4648; fax (701) 258-1254
Fargo: phone (701) 232-8030; fax (701) 232-6449
Senator Byron Dorgan
Bismarck: phone (701) 250-4618; fax (701) 250-4484
Fargo: phone (701) 239-5389; fax (701) 239-5112
Minot: phone (701) 852-0703; fax (701) 838-8196
Grand Forks: phone (701) 746-8972; fax (701) 746-9122
Senator Mark Begich, Alaska
Phone: toll free in Alaska 907 area code (877) 501-6275;
fax (907) 258-9305
Senator Kay Hagan, North Carolina
Greensboro: phone 336-333-5311; fax 336-333-5331
Raleigh: phone 919-856-4630; fax 919-856-4053
Charlotte: phone 704-334-2448; fax 704-334-2405
Asheville: phone 828-257-6510; fax 828-257-6514
Greenville: phone 252-754-0707; fax 252-754-0766

Senator Jim Webb, Virginia
*Was a solid YES, now reportedly "undecided"

Richmond 804-771-2221
Roanoke 540-772-4236
Virginia Beach 757-518-1674
Falls Church 703-573-7090
Norton 276-679-4925
Danville 434-792-0976

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