Action Alert
Take Action Attention AR, DE, IN, NE, ND, & PA Residents!
Your Senator needs to hear from you - Tell him to say NO to the Reid-Casey abortion compromise!
December 17, 2009
You are receiving this important action alert because your Senator was one of 7 Democrats who voted to prohibit federal funds from going to abortions in the health care bill, but now, Majority Leader Harry Reid is pressuring him to support compromise abortion language proposed by Senator Bob Casey (D-PA).
As you know, Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) remains a key swing-vote on Harry Reid's health care bill.  Nelson has publicly stated many times that he would support a GOP-led filibuster of the bill unless it includes a provision banning federal funding of abortion services.  So, Harry Reid has been trying to insert watered-down abortion language into his grand Managers Amendment (commonly referred to in the news as the health care "deal").
This afternoon, Senator Nelson announced that the Casey language "does not satisfy his concerns," as it would still authorize government funding for insurance plans that include elective abortion benefits, and also increase the adoption tax credit and provide assistance to pregnant teens, college students and domestic violence victims.  Eagle Forum has long-opposed domestic violence-related government programs as they incentivize fraud.
Call YOUR Senator now and tell him to say NO to the Casey-Reid abortion compromise! 
(The following Senators are the ones being pressured to support the compromise.  Please call your Senator(s) only.  You can find their district office numbers if you click on each Senator's link.)
Ben Nelson (D-NE)                202-224-6551
Bob Casey (D-PA)                  202-224-6324
Evan Bayh (D-IN)                   202-224-5623
Kent Conrad (D-ND)             202-224-2043
Byron Dorgan (D-ND)          202-224-2551
Mark Pryor (D-AR)                202-224-2353
Ted Kaufman (D-DE)            202-224-5042
If you live in Pennsylvania, make sure Senator Casey (who ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006 as a "pro-life" Democrat) knows that you don't want him to be leading the charge to insert abortion compromise language into the health care bill, which may ultimately make the bill more acceptable to key Senators whose continued opposition is necessary for its defeat.  
Harry Reid is aiming to vote on health care on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  We encourage you to call NOW to prevent Reid from reaching a "deal" to achieve his 60 votes, so let's keep up the pressure on these Democrats who voted to keep the Nelson-Hatch amendment alive in the Senate!  They need to know that you are aware they are under increased pressure to cave on the abortion issue and that you want them to stand firm and say NO!
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