Action Alert
Take Action Because of your generous donations this week, we were able to produce another radio ad to further pressure Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska to do the right thing and vote NO on Saturday!
November 20, 2009
After our radio ad ran in Nebraska for a full two days this week, Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE), one of the "moderate" Democrats being heavily pressured to oppose Senator Harry Reid's health care bill, released this statement claiming that a YES vote on the cloture motion to proceed to debate does not amount to a vote in favor of the overall bill. Of course, his statement may sound reasonable at first, but when you look at the Senate's voting patterns over the past decade, Sen. Nelson's argument does not hold water. 
After learning about an extensive study conducted by the Congressional Research Service (mentioned in our action alert yesterday) which found that since 1999 the Senate has approved and passed 97.6% of all bills when lawmakers voted in favor of the motion to proceed to debate, we decided to respond to Senator Nelson with the following radio ad, which will run all across the state of Nebraska today:
Again, thanks to your donations this week, we were able to produce this ad and run it all across the state of Nebraska today--Friday, November 20, 2009.  As you may know, the Senate has officially scheduled the cloture vote on the motion to proceed to occur at 8pm on Saturday night, November 21st.  It would be wonderful if we could keep this ad running on Nebraska airwaves until Sen. Nelson casts his vote tomorrow!
Thank you for taking the time to listen to our ad and for spreading the message - be sure to stay tuned to Eagle Forum for more details on the Senate health care bill today!

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