Action Alert
Take Action Arm Yourself for the Battle Against Government-Run Health Care!
June 11, 2009  
Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) will soon unveil his plan to institute a government-run, taxpayer-funded health care system. 
Please take a moment to view this hard-hitting TV ad warning about the dangers of implementing a government-run health care system.
Learn more about this issue before the battle begins:
Murder by Bureaucracy, by Peter Ferrara.  The American Spectator, 6.10.09.
The Health Care Bill is the Ball Game, by Mona Charen. National Review, 6.9.09.
Health Care Reform Must Be Patient-Centered, by Rep. Tom Price., 9.10.09.
The Republican Health Care Alternative, by Peter Ferrara.  The American Spectator, 5.20.09.
The Doctor Will See All of You Now, by Phyllis Schlafly. 
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