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Take Action Congress Set to Import More Foreign Workers
Tell Congress NO Increase in H-1B Visas
Now that big corporate lobbyists know they can't get amnesty for the millions of cheap laborers they have imported illegally, they are pushing to increase the number of so-called high-skilled workers by raising the cap of H-1B visas.  The pressure is on the House of Representatives to pass an increase soon, most likely in the form of the SKIL Act (H.R. 1930), sponsored by Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ), usually a conservative ally. 
 There are three reasons why Big Business wants to increase foreign workers: 
  • H-1Bers are paid much less than Americans 
  • The influx of H-1Bers depresses the "prevailing wage" for all computer techies and engineers
  • H-1Bers are tied to their visa- sponsoring company (much like indentured servants), therefore preventing them from becoming entrepreneurs or competitors
Currently, the H-1B cap is 85,000 visas annually.  The SKIL Act would propose an increase of 20% each year if the cap is reached, importing up to 1.5 million underpaid workers by 2013.
Meanwhile, U.S. engineers and computer techies are available to fill the positions. A major study made by the Pratt School of Engineering at Duke University found that there is no shortage of U.S. engineers.  Eighty percent of respondents to a Pratt survey say U.S. engineering jobs are filled within 4 months, and 88 percent didn't offer signing bonuses.
 As graduation season begins, help protect U.S. engineers and computer experts looking for a job by calling or emailing your Representative today!  Let them know you oppose importing underpaid foreign workers!
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