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State Legislation - California
Firearms: owner-authorized handguns.
Bill #: SB293
Year: 2013

Bill Summary:
Existing law establishes criteria for determining if a handgun is unsafe. Existing law generally requires manufacturers to submit samples of new handgun models for testing to determine if they are unsafe or may be approved for sale, as specified. Other provisions of existing law, subject to exceptions, generally make it an offense to manufacture or sell a handgun that is not safe. This bill would provide that commencing 18 months following the Attorney General's reporting that owner-authorized handguns are available for retail sale, as specified, a handgun would be unsafe if it was not owner-authorized, as defined, and would provide an exception to these provisions for the sale, loan, or transfer of handguns manufactured in or imported into this state prior to that date, as specified. The bill would specify requirements that owner-authorized handguns would be required to meet in order for the Attorney General to determine that owner-authorized handguns are available for retail sale, and in order to comply with certain safety standards, as specified.

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