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Help Get the Fracking Ban a Fair Hearing

We need your help right now. Please tell Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran and Florida House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues to allow HB451 - the fracking ban bill – to be heard in its first committee.

We are getting reports that next week is the final week for initial bills to be placed on the committee agenda. This important piece of legislation has not been placed on an upcoming agenda and deserves to be heard.

Its companion, the Senate fracking ban bill, was heard in its first committee on Tuesday, March 7 and passed unanimously to move forward to the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources. However, leadership in the House of Representatives is preventing the bill (HB 451) from being heard in its first committee.

This is not acceptable. We cannot let this bill die based on Leadership’s refusal to give it a fair hearing.

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Please Ensure the Fracking Ban Receives a Fair Hearing
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Dear House Speaker Corcoran and Majority Leader Rodrigues,

I am writing to ask that regardless of your position on HB 451, the Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment bill, you allow it the fair hearing it deserves. This year’s proposed bills, SB442 and HB 451, include all forms of risky drilling techniques and have bi-partisan support in both the Senate and the House.

The Senate fracking ban bill, SB 442, was heard in its first committee on Tuesday March 7th and was passed unanimously to move forward to the Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources.

The issue of fracking and fracking-like activities has been a hot-button issue for Floridians over the past years, and HB 451 deserves a fair hearing.

I urge you to honor the democratic process and allow this bill to be heard.

Thank you for your service to the state of Florida and for considering this request.
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