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Current Legislation
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Concealed Carry
Bill Name Position
SB 122 - Permit concealed handguns in statehouse and on its grounds We support this legislation
HB 373 - Permit concealed carry in courthouses and govt buildings We support this legislation
HB 310 - Permit official to conceal carry handgun in government facility Monitoring
HB 233 - Avoid crime if concealed carry into prohibited space and leave We support this legislation
HB 228 - Regards self-defense and handling firearms We support this legislation
HB 201 - Ohio Constitutional Carry, Remove LEO Notification We support this legislation
HB 142 - Eliminate need when stopped to notify carrying firearm We support this legislation
Gun Control
Bill Name Position
SB 260 - Prohibit assault weapons; firearm/ammunition sale database We oppose this legislation
HB 33 - Store firearm to prevent access by minor We oppose this legislation

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