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New York State Legislative Directory
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10 results found for: alphabetical letter 'P' NY
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Senate (2)
Sen. Parker, Kevin (D-NY-21st)
Sen. Persaud, Roxanne (D-NY-19th)
Assembly (8)
Asm. Palmesano, Philip (R-NY-132nd)
Asm. Palumbo, Anthony (R-NY-2nd)
Asw. Paulin, Amy (D-NY-88th)
Asw. Peoples-Stokes, Crystal (D-NY-141st)
Asm. Perry, N. Nick (D-NY-58th)
Asm. Pheffer Amato, Stacey (D-NY-23rd)
Asm. Pichardo, Victor (D-NY-86th)
Asm. Pretlow, J. Gary (D-NY-89th)
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