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Key Votes
Senate Votes
Agreed To AARP Praises Congress for their Historic Cloture Vote 12/21/2009 ratingcheck
Rejected The amendment that would have retained the status quo and prevented Americans from having a safe and legal process for accessing lower-priced prescription medications. 12/15/2009 ratingX
Rejected An amendment to provide for the importation of prescription drugs 12/15/2009 ratingcheck
Rejected Senate Votes to Put Seniors at Risk 10/21/2009 ratingcheck
Passed Senate Overrides Bush Veto 07/15/2008 ratingcheck
Rejected S. 3101 - Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act 06/12/2008 ratingcheck
Rejected Giving Medicare the Ability to Bargain for Lower Drug Prices 04/18/2007 ratingcheck
House Votes
Passed AARP Applauds Passage of House of Representatives health reform bill. 11/07/2009 ratingcheck
Passed U.S. House Overrides Bush Veto 07/15/2008 ratingcheck
Passed AARP Welcomes House Passage of CHAMP Act 08/01/2007 ratingcheck
Passed Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act 01/12/2007 ratingcheck
Senate Votes
Agreed To Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 07/15/2010 ratingcheck
Passed Your senators need to hear from you on their reform vote! 03/25/2010 ratingcheck
Passed Senate Passes Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act 03/26/2009 ratingcheck
Agreed To Real Relief for America! 02/14/2009 ratingcheck
Agreed To Senate Amendment on Providing Stimulus Rebate Payments to Older Americans 02/07/2008 ratingcheck
Rejected Senate Amendment on Providing Stimulus Rebate and Other Stimulus Measures Benefiting Older Americans 02/06/2008 --
Agreed To Senators Vote to Limit Importation of Safe, Legal, Cheaper Drugs 05/07/2007 ratingX
House Votes
Passed Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 06/30/2010 ratingcheck
Passed Your Representative needs to hear from you! 03/21/2010 ratingcheck
Passed AARP Applauds House Passage of Serve America Act 03/31/2009 ratingcheck
Passed Real Relief for America! 02/13/2009 ratingcheck