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Action Alert
NY legislature goes home. No additional bad bills passed.

     The New York legislature is done tormenting us for the year.  The Assembly pulled an all-nighter finally adjourning at 7:30 am this morning. The Senate went home a few hours earlier. Neither house passed any additional bills opposed by the Autism Action Network

      A bunch of bills were combined into a huge omnibus called a “big ugly” but  it did not contain any of the bills we oppose.

      Senate Bill S3899a, (Krueger-D-Upper Eastside) that would allow minors to get vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without parental knowledge or consent, advanced to the Senate Rules Committee yesterday, but they did not vote on it. That bill will be coming back in January of 2020. The identical bill in the Assemlbly, Amy Paulin's (D-Scarsdale) A973a was not acted upon this year.

      We have 6 months before they return. We need to be ready. Stay tuned. 



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