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Action Alert
NY come to Albany: Religious Exemption Repeal Bill on agenda for Thursday
Come to Albany Wed. and Thursday.
We have confirmation that A2371a, the bill to pass the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school will be on the agenda for the Assembly Health Committee this Thursday, May 13.  Your child's religious exemption is on the line. Please plan on being in Albany tomorrow and Thursday.  
There isn't time to make appointments to see your legislators so just show up and ask to see them or a staffer.  You can also ask to see them "off the floor." That is a meeting in the lobby of the Assembly on the third floor of the Capitol. Give a note with your name, and what you want to talk about, and the name of your Assemblymember, to the doorman and they will give it to the member and sometims they come out and talk to you and sometimes they don't. 
If you have a vaccine-injured child who has a religious exemption because your doctor would not give you a medical exemption due to the difficulty of getting a medical exemption, or fear of investigation please write up your story in a letter and bring multiple copies, and then share your story with your legislators or their staff. 
The time and location of the meeting has not been released yet, nor has the agenda. 
Please share this message widely via and email and social media. If we can keep 13 of the 26 votes on the Health committee we may be able to stop this. 
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