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Action Alert
NY: Save the date, Tuesday, May 14, Vaccine Injury/Vaccine Rights Rally
Albany, NY
    It's time. The Vaccine industry will not stop until we have no rights at all to determine what is put into our children's bodies, and our bodies. Your religious exemption rights are in grave danger. Only you, and other parents like you, and our friends, can protect them.
    Come to Albany, NY on Tuesday, May 14 for a Vaccine Injury/Vaccine Rights Rally and Lobbying Day to fight for your rights and your children.
    Get there by 9 am to start visiting the offices of the legislators, Rally at 11. Bring family. Bring friends. Bring your kids.
    If the parents of every child in New York who have a religious exemption got involved in the effort to protect our rights we would easily crush all the bills trying to take away our rights and expand the schedule.
     Please help defray the costs of the rally with a donation at https://grouprev.com/autismcommunitywalk2018-nyavr-nyavr...
    The Rally is sponsored by the Autism Action Network, New York Alliance for Vaccine Rights and My Kids My Choice
     Please share this message with friends and family and please share on social networks. 
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