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Good News: Rockland County, NY Judge stays ban on un-vaccinated kids
Children may return to school and public places
     Rockland County, New York minors who have not been vaccinated with the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine will return to school and public places with a stay issued this afternoon by New York Supreme Court Judge Rolf Thorsen on a draconian Emergency Declaration released last Thursday by County Executive Ed Day. The unprecedented order banned unvaccinated but healthy children from all schools, daycare, and any public indoor spaces. At the time the order was issued there were four active cases in a county of 328,000 people. Today there are 3 cases statewide. 
     The suit was filed Wednesday by a group of parents whose children were affected by the ban. Some plaintiffs were associated the Green Meadow School where un-vaccinated children have been banned from classes by the county since December of 2018. 
     The stay is not the end of the suit but the ban has been lifted while the lawsuit proceeds. The 30-day ban is scheduled to expire on April 26.
     This is the first time in American history that an order to exclude healthy but unvaccinated children from schools and public places was issued by a government. 
     Please support the Autism Action Network in our efforts to fight the ban and preserve vaccine choice in New York and across the US by donating here: https://grouprev.com/autismactionnetwork2019
      Please share this good news with friends and family, and please share on asocial networks (while we still can).
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